Sept 28, 1943: “$140 that he won in a poker game”

My Dear,

It’s raining today and quite cold.  Got 2 more letters from you today.  The latest I have rec’d to date was of Sept. 15th.  Takes close to two weeks, and that is not bad.  I am getting my clothes and self ready to go to your mother’s.  I’m going next week–I got a letter from her with $5 in it for the fare.  She need not to have done that.

Rody sent Dorothy $140 that he won in a poker game.  God, was she thrilled.  She just got it yesterday.  I’m glad, tho, that you don’t play and hope you never do.

Honey, I’m sorry about your wrist and whenever anything happens I want to know it, but as you know I hope you never have to suffer and that you are always well.  I’m glad your wrist is O.K. now.  Be very careful.  I hope I receive package soon and that you get ours.  I love you!

All My Love, Babe



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