Sept 30, 1943: “joining the Seabees”

Pvt. Rex V Young #3765131

Co. C. 39th Engrs Combat Regmt.

My Dearest,

Well, another month gone, and you have been in the Army 9 months.  Seems a lot longer to me.  Hope it isn’t another 9 months B/4 you come home.

It’s raining here this morning.  I done my washing with Babe yesterday.  We sure had a big one, but she has a swell place to wash.  Today I am going to iron so I’ll have things clean when I leave to go to your mother’s.

Pat is on his way and we haven’t heard for quite awhile.  Hope you get his address in the letter Mom sent you.  It is a cargo and troop convoy he is on.  It would be wonderful if you two met.  Yes, Heinie remembers the fellow you spoke of from Bellview.

Eileen says she will write you a letter again as long as you haven’t rec’d the one she sent.

Bill Harbaugh and his wife got a divorce and he is joining the Seabees * and she is in Dubuque working.

Mom has sort of changed her mind about moving over until Spring–guess she likes Millville real well.

Have you rec’d G’berg press yet?  Hope so.  Also packages we sent–I haven’t as yet rec’d your package but hope to any day.

Honey, if you ever do send any more money–why don’t you send M.O. (money order)**.  Roy sent Dorothy’s that way and it only took two weeks.  Or does it cost more to send that way?

Well My Darling, I guess I’ll go to P.O. now.  I’m always anxious to see if I have any mail from you.  I’ve been hearing real often, too.  You letters mean an awful lot to me–don’t know what I’d do without them.

I love you, Babe

Lotz of kisses

*The SeaBees were the US Naval Construction Forces (Construction Battalion, hence “CB”).  Founded in 1942, their motto was “We build.  We fight.”  Over 325,000 men served in WWII, and the average age of a “CB” was 37, as they were recruited for experience rather than physical capacity.  Building important transportation infrastructure and housing, they generally built under fire and joined in when necessary to protect themselves and their work.

**Money orders could be purchased at the Army Post Office in your area.  Sicily, Italy had an A.P.O. in 1943.


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