Oct 2, 1943: “instead of letters”

My Dear Husband-

It’s Saturday morning and quite cold.  I think it will warm up later on tho.  I haven’t heard from you for a few days and have a feeling you are somewhere in Italy now, and close to Naples.  I hope things are not dangerous for you…it’s some worry, I tell you.  I will be glad to hear from you again.

I was down to Babe and Sam’s and they have left for Dubuque already.  Sam has to go nearly every Sat. and buy wire.

I got a card from Toots yesterday and she said she had a letter from you this last week.  Red and Alvina bought a nice modern home.

Honey, I’m going over to the button shop this A.M. and see about going to work.  If I don’t go and see about it I’m afraid I won’t get a machine.  So many girls are starting to work from the canning factory.

I’m going to your mother’s this coming weekend.  At the button shop we don’t work from Fri at 11 AM until Monday morn.  Just work 40 hrs. a week so I will take an extra day or two off to go.

Mom isn’t feeling very well, but she still hangs paper.  We bawl her out for it but it doesn’t do any good.

I hear the morning train coming in and hope there is some mail on it from you.  I’ll be so darn happy when I’ll have you again instead of letters.  I plan a lot on what we will do.  It’s going to be fun when you get here and we’re just going to take it easy for quite awhile.  Well darling, I’ll close now and go down and get the mail.

I love you more than anything in the world,

Yours, Babe


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