Oct 8, 1943: “chicken dinner at the church”

Brodhead, WI

My Darling–  Honey, here I am at your mother’s.  I got here at 7:45 last nite.  Your mom was at a chicken dinner at the church when I got here, so I just went up town and got something to eat and called Margaret.  You see, she didn’t know exactly when to expect me.  She got here close to 9 tho and was real glad to see me.  We went to bed quite early, and honey, did I ever have the blues for you.  When I got into bed I could have cried–I really missed you.  Your mom slept with me, and I dreamt of you all nite.  I read the letter that was put in the paper.  I’m really proud of my baby and God, honey, I hope everything is o.k. with you.

Margaret called this morning and we are going out there tomorrow P.M., and Lucell and Dean are supposed to come and have a picnic (if weather permits) Sunday.  I know we all shall be wishing for the same thing, and that, my dear, is for you to be here too.

I’m going back Sunday nite, supposed to go to work Monday morn at button shop.  Your mother is disappointed but I told her to come home with me.

Honey, I hope when I get home  will have a letter from you.  I’m so worried about you.  This invasion sounds so much worse then the one in Sicily.

We are going to do your Xmas package up today.  Did I tell you Don Smith has been in the Navy for 5 weeks, and Harold Kane is transferred to Louisiana.  I guess Phyllis was with him but came back home.

Darling, I’ll always love you and hope God keeps you safe for me.  Do be careful–and when you do come home I’ll prove to you how much I really care–

Love, your wife

2nd letter in envelope:

My dear, dear boy:

Well, Hazel is here and was sure glad to see her.  Of course she found me gone and am sure sorry about that.  Her sister-in-law forgot to mail the card she had written.  She called up Dale’s and found out I was at the M.E. church.  Guess she had been here nearly an hr. before I got here.  There was a chicken-pie supper down there, held in church parlors, and I was helping in the kitchen.  Well, Hazel went up to restaurant and had to buy something to eat.  Of course, that made me feel so sorry about that.  She was where it was warm anyway.  Nights and mornings are cool, but during the day is lovely.  The bus gets in about 7:40 PM now.  If only you were here, our happiness would be complete.  We are going up town, and see what we can find to put in a box to send you.  Expect you will probably get these Xmas boxes about Xmas.  Seems a long time till Xmas and now we are packing Xmas boxes.  We are sure going to put all our love in the boxes with the rest.

I may not put some of the things you mentioned in my box, as have heard Dale mention what he was sending.  Also, Lucell told me what she was sending, so imagine you’ll get quite a supply.  Hazel’s mother has sent you such a nice box too.

Hazel said I could send this along with her letter, so you will hear from us both.  Am thinking of you so much these days, my dear.  Hazel says you have been transferred to the fifth army?  Then you are under Gen. Mark Clark?  If only this terrible war was over.  We want and need you boys at home.

By by dear, take good care of yourself.



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