Oct 8, 1943: “copies of the paper”

Brodhead, WI

My Dear Darling,

I wrote you a letter this morning and will write again now–I just got through sending you some things that I thought might be useful.  It is so hard to buy for you over there, honey, for I don’t want to burden you down with your pack.  When I get home I’ll send you some homemade candy, but honey, I believe you will get an awful lot of it from other people so I won’t send much.  I want to have my picture taken and send it to you in a small pocket folder but will do that in Dubuque later–sometime when I look exceptionally well.  Ha!  Ha!  Your mother and I have been to town most of the day–shopping.  We also got some copies of the paper so I’m sending you your letter…of course, it is parts of several different ones, but very interesting.  I wish you would send one to the press as you write very interesting letters.

Honey, I’m so anxious to hear from you again…your letters mean everything to me, and life wouldn’t mean much if I couldn’t read them while you are away.  We are having cube steak, baked potatoes, cauliflower and salad for supper.  We ate lunch up town today in restaurant.  Honey baby, I hope you get all our packages O.K., and anytime there is anything you want just write us, honey.  I want you home more than anything I know of and hope it isn’t too long before you are.  Your mother has had two chances to go to work today but she doesn’t want to work for awhile.

Well my baby, I’ll close again and write you in the morning before we go to Dale’s.  Wish you were here to go to bed with me tonite, and of course every nite.  I miss you terribly.  Every thing here reminds me so much of you.

All my Love, Your wife,


Photo: Rex’s brother and family, Brodhead, WI 1943


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