Vmail: Oct 9 & 10,1943

My Dearest,

It’s Saturday morning and we have the work all done.  Your mom just went out to pick a bouquet of flowers.  I guess we will go out to Dale’s late this P.M. sometime & tomorrow we will have a picnic dinner if the weather is nice.  Lucelle will come too.  Gee, but honey I wish you were here.   I have to take the Sun nite bus back to Dubuque as I’m to go to work Mon. morn at button shop.

I hope you get all my letters O.K.  Also, the packages we all have sent.  The news over there doesn’t sound any too good where you are–I mean–where I think you are and that is Naples.  Oh honey, I hope you are safe.  I’m really worrying more about you on this invasion then I did in Sicily, so do be careful.  Hurry back home to me.

I love you,

Your wife, Babe

VMAIL- Oct 10, 1943


Well here I am at the farm.  We came out last nite and Margaret came after us.  We had supper & went to bed around nine.  I read the last letter you wrote Dale.  Honey, you mention about your feet bothering you.  Do they still bother you?  I hope, honey, if they get bad they will send you home.

Bruce is sitting next to me looking right at me.  He is sure a changed boy–not near so mischievous & can talk real plain.  He calls me nice people.  Ha! Ha!  I’m afraid it is going to rain today & we wanted to take some pictures to send you.  We are going to Mell Dean’s at Monroe & go on a picnic at the recreation park…if it rains there is a shelter there.  I am going home tonite at 10 P.M.   I hope I catch the train at Dubuque in time.  I only have 10 minutes to get to depot there.  Well darling, I’m still wishing for you to be here & so is everyone else.  I’ll be thinking of you all the time.

I love you, Babe

Hello Uncle Rex (Bruce wrote this with my help)


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