Oct 11, 1943: Home again

My Darling,

Here I am, home again and when I got here I had your package and 3 letters from you–was I ever glad to hear from you.  Honey, am I ever tickled over the contents of the package.  Baby, the bedspread is beautiful.  I have it on bed, but am not going to leave it on.  I’ll save it until you come home.  Babe, mom, and everyone are crazy about it.  I’m proud of the gloves, belt, hankies, scarf and lil what nots.  I gave Babe one.  The gloves fit perfect.  Honey, you’re a dear and I certainly appreciate all the thoughtfulness you have shown me; you have always been like that.  Gee, I just can’t keep my eyes off that bedspread.  It’s beautiful.  Honey, I’m so glad you’re safe and sound.  I hope you hear from me regular.  I was so glad to hear from you again…it had been 11 days.  The letter of the 17th just came today too, and 22nd and 26th.

All my love,

Your wife, Babe


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