Oct 12, 1943: “hope your footsies are OK”

My own dear husband,

It’s 7:30 AM and I have written to your mom and Toots.  I had to write them and tell them the wonderful package you sent me.  Also, about the 3 letters.  Honey, I dearly love everything you sent, especially the bedspread.  Yes, it’s a bedspread–bless your heart.  Thanks so much.  I gave Babe one of the what nots; she was thrilled over it.  Ellen Bruckner and her mother stopped in and they sure raved over the bedspread.  Honey, is it hand-made?  How much was it?  I love you.

I didn’t go to work yesterday as I got home too late, so I’m going over this noon.  Don’t you worry about my working.  Let me do all the worrying in our family.  I guess that will be plenty.  You just keep yourself safe and healthy and hurry home to me.  Hope your lil footsies are OK now.  Mom has decided to move over town, so guess she will move shortly.

Are you receiving all the mail?  Hope you get packages OK.  I didn’t send much but it’s so hard to know what you can use and what you can’t.  Anything, tho, honey, let me know.

It’s a cloudy day here, but we have been having a wonderful fall.  Hope the winter over there isn’t too severe, for I know my baby doesn’t like the cold.  Could you use a knitted army sweater or anything to keep you warm, besides me, for the time being?

Well my darling, I’ll close for today.  But my thoughts are with you all the time.

I love you & miss you,

Your wife, Babe

Kiss here                                             also a great big hug







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