Oct 13, 1943: “tomatoes from the lil boy”

My Dear Husband,

It’s 7 AM and Wednesday–raining real hard out.  Suppose it will turn cold.  We haven’t had a frost yet.

Yesterday I got a letter from you written the 24th.  You told me about getting tomatoes from the lil boy.

I helped Babe yesterday afternoon clean basement and iron.  She gave me $2 but I just have her deduct it from what I owe them on oil burner.  It seems I just start getting out of debt and then something else turns up.  It’s going to cost me $39 the first of Nov. for my fur coat.  I had it relined, sewed, and pieces of fur replaced where it was worn and torn (and I had it cleaned).  It will be just like a new coat, tho, and I couldn’t wear it like it was again.  So I guess I better get to work.  Eileen is getting tired of button shop.  Babe talked to me again yesterday and she doesn’t think she will work in Sam’s office and thought maybe I’d reconsider it.  So I’ll see.  He hasn’t opened it yet.

Ina called yesterday for your address, so guess you will be getting an Xmas package from her, too.  Honey, write to her if you find any time cuz she sure is interested in you.  Did you get the Press yet?  Hope so.  Naomi also got your address to send package.  Edith has already sent you a package, so guess you will be getting a lot of Xmas packages.

Last nite I had Edith Latta up for supper.  Ral was out on a trip with hogs.  We had neck bones and sauerkraut.  They live in town now.

Honey, I’m glad you think I look good–hope the pictures we took at Monroe will be good.  Wish I had a newer picture of you.  What I wanted to get you for your Xmas was a double folder for packet with your mother’s and my picture but we didn’t get around to having them taken.  I’ll send you that later on.  I took all your clothes out of trunk yesterday and aired them.  Sure gave me the blues.  I’m wearing the leather jacket.  Do you mind?  And using the bath robe.  When you come home we’ll get all new things.

Ching is getting better again, but Ling and Fanny are in heat and he sure is a bothered dog. Those shots I got him in Dubuque are real good.

Joe Ludivessy has to go to Elkader today for examination.

Nothing in any letters I’ve rec’d from you have been censored (cut out).  So I think that is wonderful.  So are you–

Well honey, I’m at a loss for any thing more to write about.  Writing everyday makes it hard to think of what to say.  Sometimes it’s every other day, and when I was working in canning factory it was sometimes 2 or 3 days–but now I’ve been writing every day and hope you get them all.

Well my baby, I’ll close for today.  I wish I could look in on you right now and see what you’re doing–wonder what I’d see.

Will write tomorrow morning–

All my love,

Your wife, Babe


Also I kiss where you did

Here’s another














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