Rex Valentine and Hazel “Babe” were married December 19, 1940. Babe was an April Fool’s child, a twin, born April 1, 1910, while Rex was a Valentine baby, born February 14, 1909 (hence the middle name). Rex enlisted December 19, 1942, and was a member of the 39th Engineers Combat Regiment, serving in North Africa and Italy. Rex returned from the war and brought all his letters from Babe back with him.  They resided in Guttenberg, Iowa for the rest of their lives, running Young’s Cafe until 1968.  What follows are Babe’s letters to Rex from 1943-1945.

The preservation of our personal family histories and the history of American life and living are essential to our growth as human beings. Through these we realize that we are not alone, that the same trials and woes and joys have been a constant theme in human life through all time, and that life, as a whole, doesn’t really change much. I hope that these letters provide you with a connection to the past, a glimpse into history, as they have for me. If you enjoy them give a shout and let me know.